Offered Sessions included with purchase:


Virtual Mini Sessions:

Week 1: Swim Safe

Week 2: Yoga for Toddlers

Week 3: Interactive Story time

Week 4: 123 of Toddler Tantrums

Week 5: Toddler at Home Activities & Engagement

Week 6: Preschool Prep

Week 7: Baby at Home Activities & Engagement

Week 8: Family Balance & Time Management

Week 9: Toddler Tunes

Week 10: Post Natal Fitness

Week 11: Micro Hike Outdoor Adventure


Mixer 1: Simple Dinner Recipes

Mixer 2: Bedtime Routines

Mixer 3: Frustrations of a Caregiver

Mixer 4: Sweet Stories of Empathy

Please note: All sessions offered are subject to change. All sessions are offered at their current dates and times based on demand! If you book into a session that does not meet the minimum number of participants, we may have to re-schedule this date and time. This is all the more reason to invite your friends and family to also purchase the Summer Mini Subscription and join in on the sessions!
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